Safeguarding your smile is our top priority. Our primary responsibility is to assess the overall health of your mouth, providing accurate diagnoses that empower you to make informed decisions about your treatment options. Our core prevention services provide a dual purpose:

  1. Detect and protect against oral pathoses and dental diseases.
  2. Identify any restorative needs during oral examinations so that we can provide comprehensive care.

Regular dental exams play a crucial role in maintaining oral health because most dental issues are preventable and easier to treat when detected early. Our dental exams go beyond just checking your teeth. We also carefully examine your soft tissues, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your oral health. We have digital X-rays, and the frequency of X-rays is tailored to your specific needs.

Our skilled hygienists provide dental cleanings gently and effectively through the removal plaque and tartar buildup.  If left untreated, plaque and tartar can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Our approach to dental care includes a thorough assessment of your gums and supporting bone, and based on this assessment, we customize the frequency of your cleanings to ensure your oral health needs are met.

Together, we can create a personalized treatment plan that outlines the necessary steps to address your diagnosed needs while also addressing any specific concerns you may have. By collaborating, we are able to work towards an outcome that preserves the health and well-being of your smile. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care. Your trust in us is the foundation of our success, and we are dedicated to maintaining that trust throughout your dental experience.


If a tooth has experienced decay, damage, or undergone a root canal, it requires restoration. Our restorative procedures encompass a range of options, from basic fillings to inlays, onlays, and major restorative treatment such as crowns and bridges. Our team tailors your treatment to meet your individual needs. We take pride in investing the necessary time, attention to detail, and care to bring your teeth back as close as possible to their original form. To meet your unique preferences, we offer a variety of restorative materials, including tooth coloured composite fillings, porcelain, and gold. Your smile's restoration is our commitment and we are dedicated to ensure it regains its original functionality and esthetics.


Sometimes the need arises to remove one or more teeth or perhaps you are already missing one or more teeth.

While sometimes it may seem like a minor concern, the consequences of missing teeth can be significant. Missing teeth, if not replaced, can have far-reaching effects that may not become evident for years after their removal.

Even a single missing tooth can disrupt your bite, affect your jaw joint, and compromise the long-term stability of your bite.

If you are dealing with missing teeth and are ready to explore replacement options, we're here to help. Our practice offers a comprehensive range of solutions from removable prosthetics like dentures to bridges and restoration with implants. We are dedicated to helping you choose the option that best suits your needs and restores your smile's functionality and esthetics.


At our practice, we understand that every smile is as unique as the individual, and we offer a wide range of customized cosmetic options. Our cosmetic services span from teeth whitening and single tooth restorations to space closures, single or multiple veneers through to comprehensive cosmetic treatment. We also offer Invisalign as an option to correct mild crowding or spacing issues. Cosmetic dentistry is personal and we will never encourage changes you haven't specifically requested. If you are content with your smile, we are as well; if you have concerns, we are here to discuss all available options.


Our primary objective is to preserve your natural tooth, and in some cases, a root canal procedure may be necessary to achieve this goal if the nerve becomes infected.  We carefully evaluate each tooth to assess the complexity of the root canal procedure required.  In situations where the treatment demands specialized expertise, we will refer you to highly skilled endodontists that utilize advanced imaging technology and microscopes.

While our primary goal is to preserve your natural teeth, there may be situations where tooth removal becomes necessary, such as advanced gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth, broken teeth, or for orthodontic reasons. We always strive to explore all possible treatment options before recommending extraction. However, if a tooth is severely damaged, decayed, or infected, removal may be the best course of action. If tooth extraction is required, we will perform the procedure with the utmost care and attention to minimize any discomfort. We take every precaution to ensure your well-being, and in cases that are more complex or require sedation, we have a network of trusted specialists that we collaborate with.

Children's Dentistry

The early dental visit serves both as a preventive measure and an opportunity for parents to receive guidance on maintaining their child's primary teeth, which play a vital role in speech development and guiding the eruption of the permanent teeth. During these visits, we assess your child's bite, provide guidance on brushing and flossing techniques, and address any dental concerns that may arise at an early age. For some children who require treatment at a very young age or have specific dental needs, we may recommend a visit to a pediatric dentist.